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I know that you expect the articles here to be short and filler free, but because there are just so many reviews with the air compressors, you better allot some time so you can read all of them. Time is very important, so if you have something else that’s more important right now, you can return later as I have here a table which compares all our compressors, including their important attributes. I just think that this would help not only to those who don’t have much time in reading this article, but also to those who already have in mind what they want to get in a compressor.

If you are looking for a particular air compressor, you can jump to the compressors that I strongly recommend. Below is the list of those air compressors:

  • Best Air Compressor In All Aspects
  • Best Air Compressor For Your Money
  • Quietest Air Compressor
  • Most Durable Compressor
  • Most Affordable and Quality Air Compressor

Let’s Get Detailed Information About Air Compressors

Because air compressors are not as simple when compared to other home appliances, it’s not ideal that you read reviews yet. That’s why I feel the urge to compile lots of information with regards to air compressors in this article. With the following information, you will get to know lots of terminologies and also basic principles with how compressors work. You will get to know the essential features of air compressors such as power, size, CFM or the rate of compressed air delivery, PSI or discharge pressure, and many more.

How Does and Air Compressor Work

This will help you learn the foundation of a compressor. This article will discuss all the vital features and terms that compressors have and also with how they function. This is like a short course for air compressors. After you will learn the foundation, then it will be easier for you to read and understand other articles.

The Styles of Air Compressors

When looking for an air compressor, you will have lots of options such as size, design, size, air tank orientation, and this article is meant to give a detailed information on how a particular compressor can be beneficial and how it can be disadvantageous. After reading this article, you will learn lots of terms such as wheelbarrow, twin-stack, pontoon, hot dog when we talk about air compressors.

CFM, Size, and Power

There are three factors main factors that you must consider when you want to know how powerful a compressor is, namely: CFM or discharge pressure, size, and power. Normally, a compressor with the highest number of horsepower isn’t automatically considered as the most powerful among others. It’s because the other attributes such as size of the tank, pressure and air flow rate must also be considered. Read below to know how these attributes work together.

Electric Vs. Gas Powder Compressor

There are two kinds of air compressor when taking about source of fuel, namely: electric and gas-powered. Read this article to know more details with these types of compressors and how each of the can be advantageous or disadvantageous.

My Best Choices

You can find lots air compressors on my website, but this is the time that I will reveal the compressors that I strongly recommend.

The Best Compressor in All Aspects

After comparing different products, I have come up with a decision that Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP is the best air compressor in all aspects. Aside from having Makita being hailed as of best companies that manufactures tools, you will find lots of features in this unit. It’s design is big bore cylinder, its pump is lubricated and heavy duty, and it’s performance is very impressive. However, I can’t recommend this product!


Best Air Compressor For Your Money

When you want a compressor that’s worth your money, the best product that you should choose is the PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor. If you buy this unit, you will also get 13 pieces of useful accessories , but another important thing about this unit is that of some of vital performance figures are similar to those models which are more powerful and expensive. So far, this is one of the units that has the best powerful outputs.

The Best Air Compressor That is Fueled by a Gas

The only compressor that is powered by a gas that you can find on my website is Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 4-Gallon Grade Direct Drive Pontoon with Honda Engine. But you must know that there are so may air compressors that uses gas in the market today, but this unit stands out from among them. Because it is using a Honda motor, it’s capable of carrying out any types of work.


Most Outstanding Stationary Air Compressor

I’m not into giving two awards to a particular compressor, but its just that Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 5-Horsepower Cast Iron Vertical Compressor is the compressor that stands out when talking about best stationary compressor. This is the unit the bests twice so this is worth your money. For lower footprint, it is equipped with around 80 gallon tank (vertical), making it capable of providing to up to 200 PSI and capable of providing power to several tools. I absolutely recommend this unit for professional use.

Quietest Air Compressor

Of all the compressors that I have reviewed, The California Air Tools CAT-6310 is the quietest one, which produces only 65dB. With this attribute, I also want to consider this as the Best Value Compressor. Aside from its excellence performance and quiet operation, I considered this unit one of the outstanding compressors in the market.


Most Affordable and Quality Air Compressor

We normally consider the budget as one of the factors in determining how a tool can be beneficial. PORTER-CABLE is popular for providing high quality products, and one of their products that excel is the PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor. It can deliver up to 135 PSI. It’s weight is 26lbs. It is a powerful tool and can easily be transported because it is lightweight.

Best Trim Compressor

While also considered as one of the quietest compressor, The DEWALT DWFP55130 is known as the best indoor compressor. It is 2.5 gallon compression with maximum pressure is 200PSU and it exceeded the minimum requirements to finish its tasks. It is lightweight and compact, that’s why it can easily be transported from one place to another easily.

Most Portable Air Compressor

The compressor that is considered as the most portable one is the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Compressor. Its weight is 20lbs, and it can be shrouded which means that it can be placed in a car trunk safely without the need to worry if it’s parts will be damaged.

Most Durable Compressor

I considered Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM one of the powerful tools in its kind. This compressor is meant for professionals, and it’s made using cast iron to ensure utmost durability. Also, it’s 100% duty cycle which means it has a commercial-grade quality. This unit is truly powerful and reliable, having a mass of 30-gallon tank.

Most Outstanding Vertical Air Compressor

Whatever kind of work, you can use a Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV because this unit has a very good quality for commercial use. With a maximum pressure is 150 PSI, a mass of a 20-gallon tank, it is easy to maintain and can be used for long hours.

More Details and Reviews

You’re right, there’s more! There are still extra but essential information that I can share to you.

Basics of Air Compressors

Aside from letting you know about compressor’s power, after you read this, you’ll know more about compressor pumps, how they’re lubricated, how does pumps generate pressure and many more.

Additional Features and Choices

Some features may not be as vital when compared to roll cages, carrying handles, transport wheels, air filters, etc. However, they still play a vital role so take time to read this article.

Safety Guide

To know how to use compressors property and ensure your safety, take time to read read this article to learn more about operation and maintenance. It’s essential that you know how to take care of your compressor and how to prevent accidents while using it.

Power Tool Reviews

Thanks for still reading this. For more information, I have added more articles as well as reviews with regards to vital tools related to air compressors.

Excellent Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches plays an important role in making your air compressors provide its maximum benefits. In this article, you will learn their functions and if you need information on how to find the best ones, see can see my recommended products here.

Best Nail Guns

Nail guns have different usage and application. But there are features that are common to all of them, so you can read this article if you want to gain deeper knowledge with regards to nail guns. Just like any products, you’ll have so many options when choosing a nail gun, so to help you in finding the best ones, you can see the nail guns that I recommend here.

Tire Inflators

We can consider tire inflators as similar air compressors, however, the difference is that the former don’t have air tank to store the compressed air. Little compressors are also useful for many types of inflation job. Here is the list if the tire inflators that I considered as the best ones.